Works and lives in New York & in Bahia.

(1984-1991) B.Arch. in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo FAU USP.

( 1985-1987) I traveled to 36 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North Americ, and visited more than 300 museums and art institutions.

(1992-1994) M.A. Studio Art at NYU School of Education (NYU Steinhardt)

(1995-2005) worked as a printer and draftsman for Watanabe Studio, Sol LeWitt, Watanabe Press-Pace Prints.

(1996-2000) Developed Fine Art  limited editions and stationary design products for AR Company NY.

(2005-2015) Created and directed Atelier Dragão Baiano in the South of Bahia, Brazil. A place where cultural events happened throughout the year, including free workshops for the local community, artist residence, collaborations projects, research and practice ceramic techniques with the local traditions.

(2012-2015) developed workshops collaborating with performers, dancers, actors creating a dialogue between fine art and dance.


2018- MATTER30.project/OneMillionSquares in Mogiquiçaba, Bahia, Brazil August 6th- September 3rd.

2018- MATTER30.project/OneMillionSquares in Paris, France April 1st- April 8th.

2018- NEW YORK PORTRAITS Spring Studio aka Minerva's Drawing Studio NEW YORK NY

2017- THE LAST TRACE,  New Years's performanceNew York, NY.

2017- Artist Residence and Exhibition Festival Vermelhos IlhaBela – SP- Brasil

2015- SUMMER SHOW RULES- OneTwentyeight Gallery- New York-NY

2015- RACIALITY- OneTwentyeight Gallery- New York-NY

2015- CORPOGRAFIA- READYMADE - performance and workshop, Espaço Rasa, São Paulo

2014- Launch MATTER30.project, São Paulo, Mogiquiçaba, New York, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Beijin.

2014- 'SACRIFÍCIO-Seres da Terra´ Performance and Raku at VIII Encontro de Ceramistas em Paraty.

2014- Galeria Mario Schenberg FUNARTE-SP,'Pintura' Rocha, Jean, Woo'., São Paulo.

2014- DANS-Solo Show - Paintings drawings and happening, Sala do Olhar/FORJA, São Paulo.

2014- CORPOGRAFIA-Terra Brazilis performance and workshop at BEXBA-Fazenda SãoVento, Bahia.

2014- Collaboration Mulheres que correm com lobo, Ateliê Compartilhado, São Paulo.

2014- Happening Ultraparalela Bienal fo São Paulo.

2014- Ceramic Celebration of 60 Years of Japanese Pavillion, Parque do Ibirapuera, São Paulo.

2014- Esperimental CORPOGRAFIA-Frotage/Texturas at Casa Amarela, São Paulo. 

2013- Performance "La Nave Va, La Nave Ba", Espaço Rasa, São Paulo.

2013- CORPOGRAFIA-PB performance and workshop, Espaço Rasa, São Paulo.

2013- Ceramic Group Show at VII Encontro de Ceramistas em Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.

2013- Janela Amarela Happening avec Manuela Romeiro e Ana Ribeiro at Condomínio Cultural, São Paulo.

2012- Drawings of Contact & Improvisation, Espaço Rasa, São Paulo.

2012- Fuego Raku Performance Atelier Dragão Baiano, Mogiquiçaba-Bahia-Brazil.

2012- Stage design collaboration for DONZELAS SEM MÃOS- Espaço VIGA, São Paulo.

2012- "Drawing Manifest Performance" at Festival de Cultura de Santo André, Bahia, Brazil.2012- Ceramic Collection 2012 DB,Casa Praia Santo André-Bahia-Brazil.

2011-2014- Collaboration “the dance of drawing and drawing of dance" for Contact Improvisation, São Paulo.

2011- Ceramic Collection 2011 DB/Fuego Raku,Casa Praia, Santo André-Bahia-Brazil.

2011- "Ball Fighter Performance at Festival de Cultura de Santo André, Bahia, Brazil.

2010- Ceramic Collection 2010 DB, Aldeia Tangerina, Santo André-Bahia-Brazil.

2010- "Halloween in January or RiverThriller;Performane" at Festival de Cultura de Santo André.

2009- Ceramic Collection 2009 DB, Costa Brasilis, Santo André-Bahia-Brazil.

2004- "Eat Art" - New York, NY.

2004- "Pierogi a go-go"- Pierogi2000, Brooklyn N.Y.

2004- "Self-Portrait"- Gallery 208, New York.

2004- "Armageddeon"- Animal Magazine exihibition, New York.

2004- Draftman for project of Sol LeWitt's "Wall Drawing", Coleção Particular, Sao Paulo

2004- Ricardo woo's printmaking in The LeWitt Collection -Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.

2003- THE ARTCARD - Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates.

2003- "Eat Art"- Phoenix Gallery AAWA, New York.

2002- "Burn All The Paintings"(photo-performance)- São Paulo.

2002- THE ARTCARD - Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates.

2000- The Year of The Dragon 2000- Performance and Art Event, Soho, New York NY.

2000- Nasubi Gallery - Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.

2001- "WOMOWA"-PROJETO DE ARTE with Moises Guimaraes and Robert Walker.

2000- "Nasubi Gallery"- Kiasma Museum if Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.                                         1/3

1999- Launched Atelier Dragão Baiano, Mogiquiçaba, Bahia, Brazil.

1999- Drafstman for Sol LeWitt's project"Wall Drawing", Embassy Suite Hotel, New York.

1999- "Nasubi Gallery"- Secession, Vienna, Austria.

1998- "Fau 50 anniversary", MUBE(Museu Brasileiro de Escultura)São Paulo.

1998- "Nasubi Gallery"- Tokyo, Japan.

1998- "Cig Art"- Rare Gallery, New York.

1997- "Work on Paper"(solo show)- Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan.

1997- "Conception"(solo show)- Hudson River Sculpture Center, New York.

1997- "Skin & Shaft"(solo show)- DEOA Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan.

1997- "Tabula Rasa"- Gallery 128, New York.

1997- "Transasian"- Hours Gallery, New York.

1997- "Cig Art II"- National Arts Club, New York.

1997- Saito Liao Retrospective - Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan ROC.

1996- "Print Show"- Holly Gallery, Taipei.

1996- "Common Ground"- Hudson River Sculpture Center, New York.

1996- "Incertitude"- Eighth Floor Gallery, New York.

1996- "The Momentum Project"- New York.

1995- FRISBEE - Installation BWG Group (Ricardo Barreto, Ricardo Woo, Marina Godoy), New York.

1995- "Blood Scene"(solo show)- Ameresia Gallery, New York, USA.

1995- "Marble Landscape"(solo show)- American Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

1995- "Art & Technology"- Paco das Artes Museum, São Paulo, Brazil.

1995- "Intervention Caixa Preta"(Installation Group BWG)-Taipei, New Jersey-Hudson River, São Paulo.

1995- "Little Apert"- Alternative Event of Venice Biennale, Italy.

1995- MARKED HEADS - Installation BWG Group, Centro Maria Antonia, USP, São Paulo

1994- "Brazilian Contemporary Art"(solo show)- Konzeption Art, Munich, Germany.

1994- "Brazilian Contemporary Art"- CD-room Project.

1994- "Brazilian Art in New York"- New York.

1994- "Patrimonio 595528"(installation BWG)- FEPASA Central Station, São Paulo.

1994- "Osaka Sister City 25 Years"- Osaka, Japan.

1994- "Self-Identity & Portraiture"- Rosemberg Gallery, New York.

1994- National Student Art Show - Representation of New York University, National Arts Club, NY.

1993- SEVENTH - Installation BWG Group, MAC-USP, Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo.

1993- "Brazilian Contemporary Art", Vente Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

1993- "Prints"- Rosemberg Gallery, New York.

1993- "Select Works"- Rosemberg Gallery, New York.

1993- "Condoman"(photo-performance)- Washington Square, New York.

1993- Happening 3 GUOMOS(with Geová an Palumbo)- Soho, New York.

1993- Schoolaship from Brazilian Governament(CAPES).

1993- "What's that Waldemar"(performance with Aguilar and Geová- New York University, NYC.

1992- "Freesbe"(installation BWG)- Soho, New York.

1992- "Futebol"(installation Group BWG)- Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo.

1992- "Virulencia"(installation Group BWG)- Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo.

1992- Ecorama - Art exhibition on billboards paralela event Unesco-ECO-92, Rio de Janeiro, 

1991- Urban Enclosure - Installation BWG Group, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism-USP, São Paulo

1991- 37 Fragments - Installation BWG Group, MIS Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo.

1991- "Expo-FAU 91"- University if São Paulo.

1991- "Parceiros do Tiete"- SESC/Anhembi, São Paulo.

1991- "The American Landscape"- Museum of Bogota, Colombia.

1991- "REFLUX"(first international art+internet event)- Hewwlett Gallery, MIT, USP, and 21st International Biennial of São Paulo.

1991- "AC and DC"(installation BWG)- Paco das Artes Museum, São Paulo.

1990- Drawing instructor at Oficina Tres Rios, São Paulo.

1990- "Studio Azul-group show"- São Paulo.

1989- "Expo-FAU 89"- University of São Paulo.

1989- "Graffite Event for Unidade Dois Gallery"- 20th Bienal International of São Paulo.

1989- "The Scale in Architecture View"- University of São Paulo.

1986- Madame Sata Space(solo show), São Paulo, Brazil.

1986- "Desenhos & Colagens"(solo show), Galeria Deco, São Paulo, Brazil.

1986- "15th Bunkyo Art Show"(Revelation Award), Sao Paulo.                                                                   2/3

1986- "XXXVIII Pernambuco Art Show"(Drawing Great Award)- Recife, Brazil.

1986- "II Contemporary Art Show of Americana"(Drawing Award)- Americana, Brazil.

1986- "Group Show"- Club Paineiras Gallery, São Paulo.

1986- "Cabeludo"- (graffiti installation)- Reboucas Tunnel, São Paulo.

1986- "The Birth of ARTENOVA"(performance-installation)- Madame Satã, Sao Paulo.

1986- "Homenagem a Kazuo Ohno"(performance)- Madame Satã, São Paulo.

1986- "Requiem das Harpias"(performance)- Mambembe Theather, São Paulo.

1986- "Brasil Performance-Liberty Battery"- FUNARTE São Paulo.

1985- "Expo-Fau 85"- University of São Paulo.

1985- "Sao Paulo Contemporary Art II"- Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo.

1985- "Urban Conexion"- Sergio Milliet Gallery-FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro.

1985- "Bolinhas de Gudes"(happening)- 18th International Biennal of Sao Paulo.

1985- Fine Arts-school of Art and Comunication(ECA-USP).                                                                            

1985- FUNARTE Macunaíma Gallery - with Oscar Oiwa, Funarte, Rio de Janeiro.

1984- "Franca Art Show"- Franca,Brazil.

1984- "Annual College Art II"- Museum of Sight and Sound, São Paulo.

1984- "The Owners of Art in Brazil"- Centro Cultural Mazzaropi, São Paulo..

1984- "National Art Exhibition of Goiania"- Goiania, Brazil.

1984- "XII Contemporary Art Show of Santo Andre"- Santo André, Brazil

1984- Art & Use - Xerox Art Exhibition with Udinilson Jr., Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo.

1984- "XI Youth Art Show of Santos"- Santos, Brazil.

1984- "Tradition IN Rupture"(happening)- Tradicão e Ruptura, São Paulo.

1984- "Speak Easy"- paintings exhibition, São Paulo.

1984- "Breast Explosion"(performance)- University of São Paulo.

1984- "13rd Bunkyo Art Show"(win Acrilex Award), São Paulo.

1984- Study drawing with Marcelo Niesche and Udinilson Jr., São Paulo.

1983- "41st Open Show"- Association of Fine Art, São Paulo.

1983- ""II Art Meeting of City of Osasco"(Gold medal)- Osasco, Brazil.

1983- Join Fine Art Association of São Paulo.

1983- study Architecture language with Carlos Fajardo and L.P.Baravelli, São Paulo.

1983/82- join Atelier Waldomiro de Deus, São Paulo

1982- study at Atelier Lazar Segal, São Paulo

1981- "II Youth Contest for Drawing of São Paulo State"(Award).

1976-78- Study Painting and Drawing at Escola Poliarte de São Paulo.


*Teaching: Painting class at OPA(São Paulo Brazil), Modeling Ceramics at KEI Espaço de Arte(São Paulo-Brazil and Atelier Dragão Baiano Bahia-Brazil),organize and monitor several Live models sessions in São Paulo Brazil

Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish and a Chinese dialect,

Technical field in: Ceramics: modeling 3d and panels, firing and preparation of glazes; Painting, oil acrylic, Indian ink, watercolor; Printmaking silkscreen, etching, Organize and set up studios in NY and São Paulo.